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Power of Roles Webinar

Friday, June 26, 2020 10:00 am-11:15 am

Grand Island Citizen Advocacy invites you to participate in a FREE webinar hosted by Disability Rights Nebraska: Introduction to the Power of Roles, presented by Darcy Elks:

Friend, mother, father, neighbor, citizen, advocate, gardener, exerciser, pet owner, etc. These are just some of the valued roles that people fill each and every day. Have you ever thought about the roles that you fill and what they bring to your life? Roles are simply a "part of life" and most of us do not think about the roles we have and the benefits of those roles in our lives. However, people who live with disabilities are often excluded from opportunities to enter into valued social roles and instead cast into negatively valued roles such as eternal child, object of pity, and lifelong dependent client. Being cast into such roles, brings negative and hurtful consequences.

This webinar will highlight the power of social roles to influence our lives for the positive. Stories will be shared of people who have moved out of negative roles and into positive ones and the impact on their lives.

Join us for a hour of thoughtful content and encouraging information.

CONTACT INFO John Murphy 402.474.3183


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