“Nebraska is and has long been a state which prides itself on neighborliness
and mutual help on the part of its citizens; a state where citizens themselves often
take the initiative to solve local problems. Nebraska can lay claim to being Number
One in yet another area, by being the birthplace of a Citizen Advocacy plan which
makes use of these ideals toward solving some major human problems of our times
by having competent citizen volunteers represent; as their own, the interest of other
persons who are handicapped, impaired, or disadvantaged.” Governor James J.

Citizen Advocacy started in Lincoln, NE. in 1970 by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger,
whose concern was for de-institutionalized adults with mental retardation who
needed friendship (expressive), protection (advocacy), and lite-skill support
(instrumental). Citizen Advocacy programs were broadened to include all persons
with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness.

Citizen Advocacy is now worldwide with programs throughout the United
States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

North Platte

North Platte Citizen Advocacy, Inc. was started in February 2, 1995 as a non-
profit organization. Currently there are five active members on the Board of Directors. North Platte Citizen Advocacy, Inc. employs one full time coordinator. Funding for North Platte Citizen Advocacy, Inc. is from the State of Nebraska, Department of Health through Disability Rights Nebraska, private contributions, and fund raising activities.