North Platte Citizen Advocacy
Making a Difference in North Platte Since 1995

Citizen Advocacy’s vision is a world in which we value, protect, and celebrated each life for its uniqueness through a vested relationship. For 22 years we’ve initiated voluntary one-to-one relationships between a person with a disability and someone else from our community who has complementary qualities and resources.

Our Citizen Advocacy Coordinator sets up these relationships. Relationships are personal, proactive and often lifelong. Bonds are forged between people kindling new confidence and broader social connections. Within the relationship’s foundation of loyalty and connection partners meet basic needs and take critical interventions: advocates and their partners rise to challenges and take action together.

People with disabilities are more vulnerable than ever. Vulnerable people face continuing cuts to the supports making it harder for them to flourish in our community. The relationships we support inspire us with the spirit of hope. Lives are transformed as advocates offer protection, practical help, and personal commitment to their partners. Partners become friends and they change their lives. Each relationship energizes us as it takes root.

We invite you to join us in making possible human connections that address overwhelming challenges with determination, creativity, and compassion. Please contribute and support the important work of Citizen Advocacy in North Platte. Your gift will create life-changing opportunities for vulnerable people and valued citizens.

We are a 501 (c)(3) organization and your generous contribution may be tax deductible.

With deepest gratitude,
Rebecca Nordquist, Board Chairwoman

P.S. You have an opportunity to make a difference. Donate today!

Board members: Rebecca Nordquist, Chair; Anne Ireland, Vice Chair; Susan Morton, Treasurer;  Holly Andrews, Secretary; Liz Evans; Christie Parker, Coordinator.