What is Citizen Advocacy?

The mission of Citizen Advocacy is to promote the protection of and advocacy for, people who are devalued, usually due to a mental and or physical disability. Citizen Advocacy programs bring the needs and interests of an individual who is at risk of social isolation to the attention of a citizen who, with support of… Continue reading What is Citizen Advocacy?

Delores and Lauren’s Story

Citizen Advocate Lauren Stevens tells the story of her and her family’s 40-year relationship with Delores, a woman with an intellectual disability. She shares stories about Delores’ love of singing, shopping, and sharing cake with friends, and the impact the relationship had on everyone involved. In 1970, the first Citizen Advocacy program opened in Lincoln,… Continue reading Delores and Lauren’s Story

Back To School

A tool may be helpful to advocates who are involved with children and parents who are navigating through the educational system. Shared by Cecile Lynes Available at: http://bit.ly/31UmHKy


This is a wonderful Ted Talk featuring David Brooks talking about loneliness and healing. His reflection is very affirming for those of use in Citizen Advocacy.


Legislature passes bill to require plan to serve people with disabilities in most integrated settings Lincoln, May 21, 2019 – On May 14th the Legislature voted to pass LB 570 which requires the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to develop an “Olmstead Plan” to insure that services are provided to Nebraskans with disabilities in… Continue reading GOVERNOR APPROVES DEVELOPMENT OF OLMSTEAD PLAN

When Life Is Stronger

“One of the biggest flaws in our approach to life is the Western belief that competition creates strong and healthy systems. But competition among individuals is not the dominant way life works. It is always cooperation that increases over time in a living system. Life becomes strong through systems of collaboration and partnering, not through… Continue reading When Life Is Stronger

Thank You!

The Board of Directors sincerely appreciates the many generous donations we received during the North Platte Giving Day.  Your contribution will help support existing citizen advocacy relationships, help initiate new ones, and sustain this important work for years to come. We are awed and inspired by the generosity of the North Platte community.  The support given… Continue reading Thank You!

Today is North Platte Giving Day

We are participating in North Platte Giving Day. We would appreciate your donation to our mission.  Click on this link to support North Platte Citizen Advocacy https://www.northplattegivingday.org/northplattecitizenadvocacy